Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ordering information

For our succulent plant price list please refer to Succulents Price List

This is a retail list and the minimum order is US $ 100.

When ordering you only need to give the correct stock code and quantitiy ordered.

Most plants will be of medium size or larger. 3 - 4 cm + is a rough guide for Haworthias and much will depend on rate of growth. Plants will be well established.

No CITES material will be exported to the USA, unless the export is done by freight forwarder.

CITES material to any country will be send at the importers risk unless send by freight forwarder.

To see if any of your plants appear on the CITES list, click on

CITES Plants.

The cost of sending will be determined after the parcel is made up. The estimated price is $ 3.5 per 100 gram.

Payment for small orders (> $ 200) can be made by credit card. We have no online card facility at this stage and credit card details will have to be send by email. (Two or three emails containing card number, expiry date and ccv number (last three digits at the back of the card))

Please supply your address for the plants to be send to.

Small parcels will be send by small parcel airmail. Please note that airmail has no tracking outside South Africa. With large orders freight forwarding is recommended.

We do carry a couple of fairly large Aloe dichotoma +- 1.5 m and numerous potted Hoodia gordonii and other goodies for sale on the premises. These are for sale by appointment only for now as we are often not home.

For more information please Contact us
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